Diamon Fusion StayClear Anti-Fog & Anti-Static

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StayClearTM Anti-Fog & Anti-Static Works on Glass and Plastics 100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic Formula StayClear™ comes as soft gel in a 1oz flip-top cup that cleans and coats glass and plastic surfaces with a protective coating that prevents fogging and static cling on surfaces, such as: Swimmers' Goggles, Snow Skier Goggles, Helmet Shields, Eyeglass/Sunglasses, Industrial Safety Glasses, Scuba Divers' Masks, Bathroom Mirrors, Automotive and Boat Windshields Bathroom Mirrors and Shower Doors: After a hot shower when the mirror or door is a little moist, dab it with StayClearTM then spread around with a clean, dry, cotton towel. Work a small area at a time. Between applications simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Car and Boat Windshields: Apply on the inside of the windshield, buff as described above.
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