DFI Clear-Fusion V Shower Glass Protective Coating (4oz/33oz)

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Keep your glass looking cleaner for longer with Clear-Fusion™ V water repellent glass coating. Once this stain-repellent spray is applied to the glass, the protective coating protects against hard water stains, cuts cleaning time, and eliminates the need for chemical cleaners. It is a water repellent coating for glass in all its forms. The application process is easy and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including shower doors, mirrors, glass railings, windows, and more.

Although Clear-Fusion™ V can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, it is especially good as a water repellent for glass shower doors. That’s not to say it can’t be used in other applications as well, but shower doors are where it really shines – truly the best water repellent for glass shower doors, and the best glass water repellent coating, period. 

  • Glass shower door water repellent
  • Sq. ft. coverage varies on product size
  • Repels water, soap scum, and more
  • Cuts cleaning time and effort
  • Protects against hard water stains
  • Keeps glass looking cleaner for longer
  • UV-resistant (won’t break down in sunlight)
  • No cure time – coating instantly dries
  • The best shower glass water repellent

Application Instructions

Read the instructions below or download the PDF Guide.

  1. Clean and dry the surface that is to be treated – the cleaner the surface, the better the coating.
  2. For granite, tile, porcelain, and quartz, test a small area for compatibility. If no discoloration is found, proceed to step #3.
  3. In a well-ventilated area, apply the spray protectant and wipe Clear-Fusion™ V protective coating onto the surface with a microfiber towel using firm circular, overlapping motions, going over the entire area at least twice.
  4. Remove any excess solution by sprinkling the surface with water and wiping it down with a clean dry cloth or paper towel until clear and sparkling.
  5. To test the application, spray the surface, looking for uniform water beads. For areas that are not beading up uniformly, dry the entire surface and reapply Clear-Fusion™ V as needed.

Important: If the glass to be treated is heavily stained, DFI recommends using our Restoration Powder™, along with a white scrubber pad, to remove any stains and prep the surface for the Clear-Fusion™ V application.

Important: In less-ventilated areas, apply Clear-Fusion™ V protective coating in small sections.

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