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Mile High Foam 252' X 2" (Standard Closed Cell Polyethylene)

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  • Mile High Foam 252' X 2" (Standard Closed Cell Polyethylene)
  • Mile High Foam 252' X 2" (Standard Closed Cell Polyethylene)
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TITAN FOAM™ is a soft, grey, non-gassing, pliable backer rod, with an impervious outer skin, used as a backing for elastomeric and other cold applied sealants. TITAN FOAM™ controls the depth of the applied sealants and ensures cross-sectional hour-glass configuration.

Specific Uses: TITAN FOAM™ is suited for specialty applications such as irregular and varying joint widths where standard closed cell backer rods are not appropriate. Common applications include but are not limited to: concrete expansion and contraction joints, curtain walls, parking decks, bridge and highway construction, pavement maintenance, window glazing and log home chinking.

Composition & Material: TITAN FOAM™ is an extruded polyethylene bi-cellular foam product which when punctured per ASTM C 1253 does not exhibit any out-gassing. TITAN FOAM™ has an impervious outer skin that resists moisture. It is easily compressible, flexible, and pliable for easy installation. It is furnished in a wide variety of sizes listed under packaging information.

Installation: Prior to installing TITAN FOAM™, all joints must be free from all contaminants such as curing compounds and form-release agents, as well as loose and foreign materials. Install TITAN FOAM™ under 25% minimum, 50% maximum compression to the depth recommended by the sealant manufacturer. Before applying sealant, all joints must be clean and dry.

Compatibility: TITAN FOAM™ is an inert material and therefore is compatible with virtually all known cold applied sealants including silicones, polyurethanes, acrylics, polysulfide, and butyl.

Physical Properties: Density: 1.8 - 2.5 lb/ft3 ASTM D 1622 Out-gassing: NONE ASTM C 1253 Compression Recovery: 95% min ASTM D 5249 Tensile Strength PSI: 39-50 PSI ASTM D 1623 Temperature Range: -90 degrees F to 210 degrees F ASTM D 5249 Water Absorption: less than .03 g/cc ASTM C 1016 - Proc. B Limitations: Do not use with hot applied sealants. Do not puncture, over compress or stretch TITAN FOAM™ during installation. Technical Services: Please contact Backer Rod Mfg. Inc. for technical guidance, special project engineering designs and drawings.



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