Gunther Premier Plus Low Voc Mirror Mastic 10.3 fl oz Cartridge

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Gunther Premier Plus Mirror Mastic. A high strength adhesive designed to achieve maximum permanent bond to many types of substrates including drywall, concrete, wood, metals and dry primed surfaces. It can be used on Acrylic mirror and mirror with category II safety backing. It holds firmly, yet absorbs movement due to expansion and contraction. Will not become brittle with age, ever. Great for high traffic areas such as gymnasiums, hallways, etc. It is gunnable from 60F to 100F and can build out to 2-inches or compressed down to 1/32". The VOC content is less than 10 g/L and makes it ideal for LEED projects. It is an asbestos free mirror mastic. It is recommended for use with acrylic mirror meeting federal specifications and will withstand exposure to UV light.
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