DFI Windshield Defender Kit

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  • DFI - Windshield Defender Kit
  • DFI - Windshield Defender Kit
  • DFI - Windshield Defender Kit
  • DFI - Windshield Defender Kit
  • DFI - Windshield Defender Kit
  • DFI - Windshield Defender Kit
  • DFI - Windshield Defender Kit
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Searching for the best rain repellent for windshields?

Easily repel rainwater and improve driving visibility with the best windshield water repellent treatment kit. The Windshield Defender™ Kit  is a hydrophobic windshield treatment that comes with all the necessary products to first clean your windshield and then protect it with a rain repellent coating. As a result, water and environmental pollutants can easily bead up and roll off the glass, increasing safety and driving visibility.

The rain windshield treatment is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, such as RVs, buses, commercial trucks and marine vehicles, such as boats, yachts, and cruises.


  • Windshield rain repellent coating
  • Covers up to 28 sq. ft. (1 standard windshield)
  •  Repels rain, dirt, and road grime
  • Improves driving visibility in wet weather
  • Allows easier removal of snow, bugs, and ice
  • Helps prevent chips and scratches
  • UV-resistant (won’t break down in sunlight)
  • No cure time – coating instantly dries


  1. Start by wetting the glass and using the white scrubber pad with the Restoration Powder™ to prep the glass for the Windshield Defender™ application. Make sure to remove all dirt, water spots, etc.
  2. Once thoroughly clean and dry, apply the Windshield Defender™ protective coating using firm circular, overlapping motions, going over the entire area at least twice.
  3. To test the application, spray the glass, and look for uniform water beads. For areas that are not beading up uniformly, dry the entire surface and reapply the Windshield Defender™ coating as needed.
  4. Finalize the application process by polishing the glass with the microfiber towel. If preferred, you may wash the windshield with soapy water.

Important: Do not apply the Windshield Defender™ coating in direct sunlight and do not unfold the towelette immediately upon removal of the package; only unfold as needed.


  • One (1) Restoration Powder™ NanoPax® – Use to clean and prep the glass, removing any dirt and grime  (product coverage varies on extent of damage).
  • Two (2) Windshield Defender™ NanoPax® – An optically clear, water repellent coating that improves driving visibility and makes cleaning easier.
  • One (1) White Scrubber Pad – Use to clean glass with Restoration Powder™.
  • One (1) Microfiber Towel – Use to buff glass after applying Windshield Defender™.
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